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Because the world needs great leaders. Now more than ever.

Support For The Journey

Being a leader isn’t just about what you do for a living. The pursuit of excellence has a cost. Together with your cohort, you’ll learn how to effectively manage the tolls that come with the responsibility of leadership.

Trust and Security

The most important aspect of our forums is that they are completely confidential. We strive to ensure there are no conflicts of interest and our strict confidentiality norms ensure that you can be open and honest with the demands of your journey as a leader.

Walking alone in the Highlands

A leader is someone who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.
John Maxwell.

Meet Our Team
Our team of co-facilitators come from a diverse professions, sectors and backgrounds. However, they all have a few things in common, a desire to help the people they care about, and expertise and insights that can help you achieve your goals!
Robert zed

For over 25 years, I have coached, mentored, and facilitated cohorts of business executives to take their careers and personal lives to the next level.  

Our system is based on the Buckets of Life learning model, where individuals learn, practise, and master the art of finding solutions and balance in life’s critical moments. 

If you  are ready to grow personally and professionally, thrive on achieving excellence through a peer-coaching environment and crave accountability for results , the LF program may be right for you!

Mike Bardsley

Strategy, communications, and marketing to generate results that matter. I love setting business and people up for success.

In an industry full of confusion, clutter and data, I’m most intrigued by simple approaches that respect the human experience and improve the condition of our planet. Communications that make people feel good, help to find things of value, and share positive experiences and vibes with the people who matter most.

Also game to connect about the outdoors, fly fishing, Atlantic Salmon and Brook Trout, competitive curling, golf, the Toronto Blue Jays, goal-setting, fitness and creating the conditions to be the best version of ourselves. 

Sandenn Killoran

Sandenn is a third-generation entrepreneur and owner of his own management consulting firm based out of Northern New Brunswick.

Sandenn has been a leader for his entire life, holding elected office for the past four years while managing the growth and scalability of his family’s Software company. In 2019 with his wife, infant son, and LF forum mates, he embarked on his own entrepreneurial journey with Dockyard Consulting.

Sandenn got his Bachelors Degree from Mount Allison in 2009 and is in the process of attaining his E.M.B.A.. His expertise in multiple sectors allows him to provide valuable insights and advice to his peers and clients.

His role as a facilitator is to listen to and help you achieve your goals and bolster the support and value you receive from your participation.

Alex McCallum

Alex has led a diverse and successful career within the startup community and now the Chief Operating Officer at QRA Corp, an enterprise software company that calls fortune 100 companies its customer. As QRA’s COO, Alex shares responsibility for crafting vision and strategy, leading the company, and ensuring execution excellence in support of QRA’s success.

Alex has been active on a cross-border basis through the provision of consulting services and the brokering of deals between Asia Pacific companies and North American startups. He has served as Mentor to the University of Waterloo’s Velocity Incubator, recognized as the most productive university-linked incubator in Canada. And he has given generously of his time to serve and advance the interests of Co. Labs (Saskatchewan’s Technology Incubator), Venture for Canada programs and the Leaders Forums.

Patsy Headshots - 001
Patsy Henneberry

Executive Assistant/Business Administrator

Triangle Strategies Consulting Ltd.

Patsy has worked in the Administrative field for over 20 years spending the past 11 years with the Triangle Strategies group of companies.

Working virtually for six plus years has provided a well balanced home/work life that Patsy cherishes.

Patsy is a natural organizer, enjoys cooking, spending time outside, living a natural healthy lifestyle in a rural community and charishes time with her family.

Kaleena Lawless

Prime 101, Program Coordinator.

Kaleena enjoys building on her 15 years of experience by providing a diverse range of business services to her role as Prime 101 Program Coordinator for Triangle Strategies and the Executive Leaders Forum. She thrives in an environment that promotes professional and personal growth and appreciates working in a position that rewards dynamism. 


Kaleena also volunteers within her community, hikes with her two dogs, has a keen interest in plants and gardening, and a passion for fitness and dance. She teaches dance classes on weekends.

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